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You've awakened in a cave with no memory of who you are or how you got there.

If you've heard this story once you've heard it a thousand times, but this is my  take on a protagonist who has lost their memories.

This is a quest about trying to escape a cave you have vague recollections of while also trying to remember who you are.

Explore the cavern Freig and try and figure out why this place seems so familiar to you.

Multiple Endings: Well, the differences being flavor text and where the story ends. 3 Standard endings and an additional line of dialog if you found...

Secret Rooms: There's a secret room for every room in the cavern, 5 in total. If you find them all you'll regain your memories.

Optional Combat: You can go through the entire game without fighting any enemies. In fact, the boss won't appear unless you kill all the other enemies. Do note, though, that the boss is difficult, and is made harder if you collected all the secrets.

Hope you have fun, and please leave me any feedback you might have on the game. If you think it's great, please tell me why it's great, if you think it's garbage, please tell me why it's garbage.

Install instructions

Download the provided zip file and extract.

Open the created file and double click the game application.


TDoG_Windows_IGMC.zip 384 MB

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